::Monday, August 30, 2004.CHOCOLATE MATHEMATICS::

This is pretty neat how it works out.
This is cool chocolate math!!!!!!!
It takes less than a minute.......
Work this out as you read.
1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have chocolate.
(try for more thanonce but less than 10)
2. Multiply this number by 2
(Just to be bold)
3. Add 5.
(for Sunday)
4. Multiply it by 50
(I'll wait while you get the calculator.......)
5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1754....
If you haven't, add 1753 ........
6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.
You should have a three digit number ...
The first digit of this was your original number (i.e., how many times you want to have chocolate eachweek).
The next two numbers are ........YOUR AGE! (Oh YES, it IS!!!!!)
gleng noh!!!! hehe.. c",)

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::Sunday, August 22, 2004.*POP* the magic bubble::

light...feels so light! first time i've felt this good after the "rain". finally, the sun came up and made things clear. like a bubble..floating, hangin in there, towards no direction, it's just there..steady lang.
*POP* there goes my bubble...monday na naman.
the weekend that was-- a huge stress relief..a night out wid a couple of my not-so-close buds in The Meat Shop. I happen to know them better and they are not as simple-minded as i thought they were...simple-minded still, nonetheless *hahaha* who would think that there is so much depth in the words of a 20-year old kid and a boy who finds midget trees fascinating?! i have more sensible friends than these two but none of them actually made me SEE the obvious, anticipate the inevitable and finish a bottle of SanMig Light in 3 gulps.
As most of you already know, i'm going through a really nasty phase. My bf..now my ex..and i broke up just recently. It was hard for me to accept that it actually happened cuz i was really hoping that our relationship wud last despite our differences. but it did'nt.
*POP* there goes another bubble..
several nights of crying and silent screams..finally, i'm so ok. there is nothing time couldn't heal. i actually consider myself kinda blessed and lucky cuz it did'nt take a while for me to get better. last saturday lang, aning-aning pa ko... i just want to tell everyone that no matter what you're goin through, things will get better. and i mean BETTER! dont stop yourself from feeling bad, these things do happen. let it pass...to my friends who are experiencing heartbreaks or any other problems for that matter..remember, there is strength in numbers. it's always good to have a friend to talk to. di naman tyo kulang don.. and yung mga compulsions and urges to make habol the other party...*SUS* "let it BURN, let it BURN, let it BURN"! un lang.. sa next blog na ung mga adventures ko! *hihi* c",)

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::Friday, July 23, 2004.looking out..::

here at home..sneezing all over my monitor. I managed to stay immobile for half an hour staring at my pc. one of those spaced out days, i guess.. til i heard the doorbell ring.. AWWW!! its my honey, outside the rain!..*hehe, sama!* not that i have this peculiar desire seeing my beloved suffering, i just want to savor the moment he's outside my window..anxious to see me. a thousand and one thoughts came across my mind in a split minute *?*. does he really love me? he had lunch na kya? what does he have in that back pack? how long will he stay in love with me? will we still be together til we're old and gray? will we live up to the day we turn old and gray? how does he keep his hair stiff under the rain? why do i love him so much? when will we become closer? how long can he stay outside the rain for me? so many thoughts..so little time! hehe.. sometimes, i can't help but be skeptical bout our relationship.. cuz its too good to be true. and you know what they say bout things too good to be true.. chances are.. they ain't real! but i wanna believe its real..or is it? i pray to God every night, every second, every breath..for that special man outside my window to love me for all time! how i wish my doubts would turn into loving kisses so that everything would all be better. then i realized, my uncertainties are nothing compared to what we have.. i'll just need to let him into my life cuz i've been pushing him way out because of my fears and worries on love.. so why am i even giving these thoughts the time of day? he's out in the rain for too long.. i think it's time to let him in now! c",)
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::Monday, July 12, 2004.what now?!::

hmmm.. i'm really new to this! i think its kinda outdated already even before i began. how can you start writing bout sumthin if that sumthin ain't in your noodle? well, so much for my 1st post. wait... i thought of sumthin.. yehey!......... ano na nga pla nangyari kay migraine boy? d'you guys remember him? he's that little ass who gets migraine headache every second and his head would explode exposing all the gut he has inside.. --> mental image! i think im coming down with one.. aspirin! super bagay yung topic sa blogskin ko.. hehe! parehong masakit sa ulo! *uhmm..ok* mike hates my blog design but i loooove it . eye strain daw and pang li'l kids... oh well, d kse me techi so i wouldn't know what to do with the templates.
am i supposed to write/type bout sumthin really intellectual d2? like about sa mga mismatched clothes ni janice de belen nd ung vocabulary make over courtesy of ma'am ANTICEDENT.. sama ko noh.. having to write bout sumthin really worth reading at the expense of innocent people. cge, contemplate nalang muna ako on a better write-up. c y'all soon! c",)
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::Saturday, July 03, 2004.::

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